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Our Company stands out among wood based industries in the country to have pioneered the concept of Prelaminated Particle Board way back in the year 1979. The Particle Boards, at that time, were not acceptable as a substitute for Plywood or Block Board due to it’s poor quality and sustainability to the practices of Indian Carpentry. Novopan started by bringing the best available technology from Fahrni Institute of Switzerland into the Country by being their exclusive Licensee. Our Company was an instrumental in developing the product tailor made to the Indian Furniture and Carpentry needs to make it an equivalent substitute for Plywood Laminate Combination.

To enhance the image of Particle Board in the Country, our Company, for the first time, developed the Indian Standards IS 12823 for Prelam Boards on the basis of German Standards DIN 68765. In Europe, Prelaminated Particle Board is like a consumable item for all domestic and office furniture needs. Our Company, from the beginning, aimed to develop the same status for Particle Board in India. The result of that is seen today with every office using Prelaminated Particle Board.

Within few years of commencing the Commercial Production, our Company launched backward and forward integradation by setting-up their own Resin Manufacturing Facility as well as Mechanized Furniture Factory. The key to the acceptability of Particle Board is Quality of Synthetic Resin used
specially for lamination as the Abrasion Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Resistance of Stains depend on it. To achieve the same, our Company entered into long term technical collaboration with the world leaders from Austria.

In order to explain the usage & fabrication techniques in modern furniture manufacture, we set-up a model furniture line.

Both the above Projects were successfully done by our Company.

Although, in the beginning, the growth of Particle Board Industry was slow, mainly, due to inertia from the Carpentry Segment, the usage of Particle Board by more and more Mechanized Furniture Manufacturing Companies is increased. During the year 2001-2002, the demand for Particle Board increased beyond it’s capacity. This led to the setting-up of another Particle Board Manufacturing Plant with a higher capacity at Shadnagar, in the district of Mahaboobnagar. We have taken care of modern concept of manufacturing activity in the new Plant.

During the last year, the demand for Particle Board has increased so high that imports from South East Asia have become a major factor. To cater to this demand, our Company increased our laminating capacity and are importing Plain Boards from selected manufacturers of South East Asia, who can guarantee good quality and timely delivery. In the filed of developing new products with latest technology, our R & D Department is continuously working on the same and will announce to the markets as and when we develop new Products.